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To install a graphics theme, unzip the zip file to your outgun/graphics directory. That way the files end up under a directory of the theme. For example, if the theme is Football, the files end up under outgun/graphics/Football.


Download Football (1.6 MB)


I have made all the sprites and one texture from scratch. The original pictures used for the rest of the textures have been made by other people, listed here. Thanks to them for a permission to use their images in the theme.

Original authorFiles
Alberto Solarifloor_normal1.pcx, floor_blue.pcx, floor_red.pcx
Glenn Gorloskyfloor_sand.pcx, wall_normal2.pcx
Susan Dykstrafloor_ice.pcx
Mayang Murni Adninfloor_normal2.pcx, floor_normal3.pcx, floor_mud.pcx, wall_normal1.pcx, wall_normal3.pcx, wall_blue.pcx, wall_red.pcx, wall_wood.pcx

Updated 2005-05-03
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