Jani’s tracks for Generally

Generally is a small, freeware racing game for 1 to 6 players. It comes with a good track editor so making new tracks is quite easy. Here are the best tracks I have made. They all have pits and a racing line for computer cars. The track archives are about 15 kB each.

Installing the tracks is easy. Extract the track file with the TRK extension from the zip archive to the Tracks directory of Generally. If you want different authors’ tracks in separate directories, you can make a directory called for example Jani under the Tracks directory and use it for my tracks.

The tracks are also available as a single zip archive (1.2 MB).

Fictional tracks
A2-Ring692 m2002-12-30
Aijuu1149 m2008-02-07
Alaylinen (2 tracks)951–971 m2003-12-23
Amyydiem (5 tracks)431–977 m2010-10-05
Gnapes786 m2006-10-07
Himma866 m2010-09-22
Huntta663 m2002-12-30
Imperio944 m2010-09-20
Jankki1218 m2003-03-31
Jazriamo994 m2010-09-26
Jeppa632 m2008-02-07
Joutsen728 m2003-06-21
JR1330 m2003-05-29
Kaareva938 m2005-05-04
Katarri (2 tracks)958–980 m2010-09-24
Kersilö507 m2003-12-23
Koltukka804 m2010-10-04
Kuien (3 tracks)577–1016 m2010-09-23
Kuppu603 m2008-02-07
Kurvinen838 m2002-11-02
Lenkki911 m2003-03-09
Lentokenttä667 m2003-06-21
Lätjämö1092 m2008-02-07
Lumilaakso952 m2003-12-23
Maantie (2 tracks)686–792 m2003-03-31
Mutkava811 m2003-03-04
Nopee889 m2006-10-07
Nyrpö (6 tracks)422–1046 m2010-09-29
Ohmo1010 m2010-09-28
Pii903 m2003-03-31
Purmo1063 m2006-10-07
Rumurof (5 tracks)518–958 m2006-10-07
Røldal (7 tracks)582–1056 m2010-09-25
Salvia961 m2010-09-21
Sampakka (7 tracks)784–1396 m2010-10-03
Ses Dalies940 m2003-03-31
Teka (4 tracks)525–1049 m2008-02-07
Ukulele865 m2003-03-09
Uura (8 tracks)517–1099 m2008-02-07
Vaneri834 m2002-11-02
Voih (6 tracks)416–1094 m2010-09-27
Vuori569 m2003-12-23
Vänkyrä361 m2002-12-30
Xykke782 m2010-09-30
Yrppä (2 tracks)1303–1391 m2010-10-01
Zeta1193 m2010-10-02
Ötökkä815 m2003-03-02
Tracks based on real tracks
Dijon613 m2002-12-30
Jarama699 m2003-03-31
Manama (3 tracks)355–814 m2002-12-30
Mika Salo Circuit775 m2003-01-01
Rio de Janeiro876 m2002-12-30
Shanghai771 m2003-03-31
Österreichring726 m2002-12-30

Jani Rivinojajanir@mbnet.fi